What is a Charter School?

According to the SC Charter School Act, charter schools create a legitimate avenue for parents, teachers, and community members to take responsible risks and create new, innovative, and more flexible ways of educating all children within the public school system.

CMCS is governed independently as a public charter school by its own school board. It is accountable to the Georgetown County School Board.

The Marriage of Montessori and Charter Schools

The CMCS Planning Committee, the volunteers who started the school, intentionally chose the charter structure because it promotes school choice, a market-driven solution to education, localized governance, relative freedom from bureaucratic regulations, and the highest level of financial accountability to tax payers.  The CMCS Planning Committee chose Montessori because it honors the way children learn naturally, develops the whole child, and produces socially responsible citizens.

Charter School Facts from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

South Carolina is a national leader of public Montessori with over 5,000 children attending 44 programs around the state.

There are over 6,000 charter schools in 40 states and DC serving 2.3 million students.

The majority of charter schools are opening in communities with high concentrations of low-income students and in historically low-performing school districts, yet students in charter schools are increasingly outperforming their traditional public school peers. This is not simply a function of charter schools skimming the best and brightest from public schools. Randomized field tests show that students in charters outperform their peers who applied to a charter but were not chosen in the randomized lottery. In other words, regardless of the motivations of the families who are drawn to the charter schools, these schools are able to raise the academic achievement of their students. They are doing this by being innovative and by empowering teachers to do what’s right by their students.

National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina