Coastal Montessori Charter School (CMCS) students have regular access to our Media Center, which includes a library. Each student will have the opportunity to visit with their class during their weekly scheduled time. In addition, the Media Center will be available for open access per the posted schedule. During their visit, students may enjoy the quiet space to read, check out a book or use one of our dedicated computers to access digital content from the South Carolina State Library.

Download the CMCS Library Contract

Student browsing for books at the library

When visiting the Media Center, students understand they will be respectful of the environment and all materials contained within. Lower Elementary students may check out one book at a time for a period of two weeks, with one opportunity to renew that book. Upper Elementary and Middle School students may check out two books at a time for a period of two weeks, with one opportunity to renew each book. Reference books may be checked out for a period of three days and may not be taken home. Magazines may only be read in the Media Center and may not be checked out by students. We do have a collection of books designed as Young Adult (YA) which are suitable for older readers due to their theme, topic or content. You may of course choose to allow your student to read YA books from home or the public library, but our policy is for students to be in sixth, seventh or eighth grade to check out these books.

The Media Center will close approximately two weeks prior to the end of the school year to allow for inventory of our collection. The actual date will be posted at the beginning of May and all books must be returned by this date. If books are not returned by this date they will be considered lost and the lost book fine will be assessed to their account. If the book is not lost, but is returned after the posted date a late return fee will be assessed to their account. All accounts will need to be cleared with the front office prior to registering for the following school year or release of records.

Student Responsibilities

Students may visit the Media Center and borrow books from the school’s collection with the understanding that care and return of books is their responsibility. This means they will:

  • Keep books clean and dry
  • Use a bookmark and not fold the page corners
  • Keep the book free of writing or drawing
  • Refrain from throwing or dropping books
  • Gently turn pages to avoid ripping or tearing
  • Notify our Media Specialist as soon as possible if a book is lost or damaged
  • Email, or have a parent email, if they are out sick or an emergency prevents them from returning their book on time to prevent overdue fees
  • Only take home books they have checked out, and never remove books from the Media Center without properly checking them out
  • Talk to your family about the book(s) you have checked out and know when it is due back to the Media Center
  • Renew books before the due date to prevent overdue fees
  • Return books on time so that other students may borrow them. Students will always be welcome to return books to the circulation desk upon arriving to school (before 8 AM) after first notifying their teacher.
  • Ensure their library card remains at school and is stored in the appropriate spot in their classroom

Fee Schedule

If students are not careful and responsible with their books, you agree to be financially responsible as outlined below. Refunds for lost books can only be given if the book is returned within two weeks of payment. Parents may purchase a key card to pay for copy and Media Center fees. These fees will be assessed monthly.

  • Overdue book fee: $0.05 per day
  • Lost book fee: Replacement Cost*
  • Damaged book fee: Replacement Cost*
  • Lost library card: $2
  • Late return fee – Only assessed in May: $3
  • Copy/Printing, Black and White:  $0.10 per page, single sided
  • Copy/Printing, Color:  $0.20 per page, single sided

* Replacement Cost Fee will equal price of library book, book processing fee for shelf ready book and shipping from Follett.