A classroom overview of students working together


School begins at 8:00 am. Students can begin arriving at 7:30 am and should be inside the building by 7:59 am. Students arriving through the door at 8:00 am or later will be considered tardy. A parent must accompany a tardy student into school and sign the student in.
During morning arrival, parents may drop off in the traffic loop in front of CMCS. A staff member will be in the carpool line from 7:45 to 8:00 am to greet students.


School ends at 3:00 pm. We use a Silent Dismissal method at the end of each day to get our students to the appropriate means of transportation to depart school. Each family should have a placard that hangs from the rear view mirror, which displays the number that is linked to your student(s). No student will be released from school to an unauthorized person. If someone different is going to pick up your student(s), they must either have your placard (extra placards can be purchased in the CMCS office by the parent or legal guardian) or they must be on your Pick Up Permission Slip in order to sign them out of school at the end of the day. Please do not use your student to pass off placards. An individual without a placard will be directed into the school to sign out a student.


ALL VEHICLES must enter through the Allston Plantation entrance to CMCS at dismissal to pick up student(s) outside the front of the building using the traffic loop. The gate opens at 2:30 pm. Proceed from the Allston Plantation entrance AS DIRECTED BY A STAFF MEMBER through the parking lot before pulling your vehicle in front of the building. As you enter into the traffic pattern, your child is being called from the classroom to enter the atrium in front of our school for pick up. The key to an efficient dismissal for all is that parents stay in an orderly pattern in line so that the children will be ready to meet the proper vehicle in the proper sequence of release from the classroom.