Middle School Mission Statement

The mission of our Montessori Middle School (also known as our Adolescent Community) is to educate the minds and the hearts of its students in a challenging, vibrant community that prizes academic excellence.

Founded in 2016, the Montessori Middle School Program serves 7th and 8th grade students using a curriculum designed to motivate learners of varied backgrounds, interests, and talents.  What they share is a demanding academic environment in which their teachers inspires them to love learning and to embrace curiosity, creativity, and hard work.  Providing structure and a strong foundation allowing for increasing independence as students move through their two years.   A low teacher to student ratio permits teachers to find their students’ strengths and insist on their best efforts.  Our commitment to the success of every student is absolute.

At the same time, we believe that success comes in many forms.  Through the arts, athletics, ample leadership opportunities, extracurricular activities, and community service, Montessori students are encouraged to discover and to demonstrate that the mind and heart are equally important, and that one is empty without the other.

Goals for Students in Our Middle School / Adolescent Community

In order to become intellectually curious and self-reliant, Middle School students must develop a strong academic foundation and critical thinking skills. The academic program is a classical liberal arts curriculum, adapted to the modern world, which emphasizes in-depth study within the daily context of Montessori tenets and values.

As part of the Middle School Adolescent Community, a student is expected to:

  1. Take responsibility for their own work.
  2. Adjust to different teachers’ styles and expectations.
  3. Face challenges and learn to overcome obstacles that come with building a strong academic foundation.
  4. Discover who they are and learn to cultivate their strengths and talents.
  5. Respect all members of the community: students, faculty, and staff.
  6. Participate actively in the wider community life of the school.

Core Curriculum

All courses begin with a review of problem-solving strategies and applications. Pre-tests are given to determine the skill level of each student.  Students are placed at their level.  Frequent assessments in the form of scheduled chapter tests, weekly quizzes, and vocabulary tests are part of each course.

Eighth graders are eligible to take Algebra I and English I honors classes for high school credit.