School Achievement Begins with Regular Attendance

Parents/guardians must ensure that all school-age children in their care are in school and on time every day.

All absences require a written explanation from the parent/guardian within three school days of return from the absence. Written explanation of absences must include the student’s name, parent/guardian name, dates of absence(s), and documentation of the reason for the absence.
Absences in excess of 10 days per year will not be considered excused with a parent/guardian note unless they are accompanied by official medical or legal documentation.

Excused Absences

  • Illness of the student
  • Medical or dental appointment
  • Court appearance
  • Death or illness in the immediate family
  • Observance of a recognized religious holiday
  • Activities approved by administration
  • Extenuating circumstances as determined by the Director
  • Absences for students whose parents are experiencing military employment may be approved by administration

Suspensions from school are not counted as unexcused for truancy purposes. A deadline will be imposed for the work to be made up and the burden of getting and completing assignments will be on the student. Students who are absent cannot participate in after school activities.
Students are not considered absent in the following cases:

  • Approved school field trips
  • Students late due to bus problems

What Happens if a Student has Unexcused Absences

  • School personnel must communicate any attendance problems or concerns to parents/guardians in a timely manner. When a student accumulates three unexcused absences, the school notifies the parent/guardian by telephone or email.
  • When a student accumulates three consecutive or a total of five unexcused absences, the director or designee will complete a truancy investigation. A conference is scheduled with the student and parent/guardian to develop a truancy intervention plan designed to improve student attendance and eliminate unexcused absences. A written truancy intervention and attendance contract will be signed by the student, parent/guardian, and administration.
  • When a student accumulates seven unexcused absences, the school will update the truancy intervention plan and make amendments as needed.
    If a student continues to accumulate unexcused absences, additional consequences may be imposed such as withdrawal from CMCS.

All absences are either excused or unexcused. Students with absences are permitted to make up work missed during the absence. Students who have more than ten (10) unexcused absences in one school year may be considered for retention at their grade level.


It is important that students be on time at the beginning of the school day. Schools are required to admit students regardless of their arrival time. However, students who report late are required to report to the office to obtain a late pass before being admitted to any classroom or other school area. Reporting to the office is very important in making sure that the student is recorded as present. Students are required to follow their school’s tardy policy. Excessive tardiness will result in disciplinary action.

CMCS Tardy Policy

School begins promptly at 8 am. Students can begin arriving at 7:30 am, and ending no later than 7:59 am, so they can be in their classroom and unpacked no later than 8 am. Tardy students must be escorted into the building by his or her parent or guardian and signed into the school using the computer in the front office. Chronic tardiness will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the CMCS administration. Excused tardies include: documented medical/dental appointments, bus tardy, director approval as appropriate. Tardies are accumulated, not concurrent.

Unexcused Tardy Consequences

Unexcused tardies will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The teacher will contact the parent or guardian for the first two unexcused tardies, and administration will handle unexcused tardies with parents or guardians starting with the third and beyond.