The Montessori Elementary Curriculum (6-12): Dr. Montessori called her plan for the elementary student “Cosmic Curriculum.” “Cosmic” in this case means comprehensive, holistic, and purposeful. The goals of the elementary curriculum go beyond skill development and knowing facts to the development of the whole person; socially, emotionally, and academically. It has been observed that children who complete the Lower and Upper elementary curricula have a clear understanding of the natural world, of human knowledge, and of themselves.

Lower and Upper Elementary Areas of Study

  • Geography and Physical Science
  • Biology
  • History and Social Studies
  • Language and Mathematics

Lower Elementary Curriculum

In the Lower Elementary classes, the children work more concretely, with more reliance on the Montessori materials.  In this second plane of development the 6 – 9 year-old child is seeking independence, confidence, responsibility, and emotional intelligence.  In the Lower Elementary classroom each child is prepared to make responsible decisions and actions; to recognize limits and give, ask for, and receive help, as needed.

Upper Elementary Curriculum

The Upper Elementary curriculum serves a more independent and capable learner.  The 9 – 12 year-old child’s mind is maturing and becoming more capable of undertaking ambitious, multiple-step projects requiring collaboration with his or her peers.

The Upper Elementary lead teacher becomes more and more a consultant to each child, helping them organize and find resources…

Austin Montessori School, 2014