Weekly Update

Hi Parents,
With the end of the year approaching already – believe it or not –  we have numerous things scheduled for the students. One thing to check out is CMCS’ summer camps.  Hillary and I are planning a 4 day Science and Art camp – check it out!  We are going to ask the kids signed up to help us plan it so we can be sure to give them an experience they will love.  You can find the sign up link here:   https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfu4_c7mtJC1hkJ-KAosYDiOA0jwddmtRn4FhYc3_Qgfi5rTw/viewform
Other Calendar Events of Note:
  • March 29 – NO SCHOOL – Teacher work day
  • Teacher Of the Year Induction – Congratulations to Whitney Garner!  If your child works with Ms. Whitney, you know how valuable she is.  On April 4, she will be formally introduced as our TOY at Beck Center in Georgetown at 4pm.  Many staff will be there to celebrate with her and we’d love to have parents and students there, too.  Come if you can and wear your Montessori T-shirt!
  • Permission slip to travel to Waccamaw High School on April 10 to see the Waccamaw Middle Schoolers’ presentation of Shrek.  We will need parent drivers for this event.
  • https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScAdZM5lZLhhZBaZjxUJxgIZYR7A7GZgskQ0CWf9cxFZO43LQ/viewform
  • GCSD Tech Fair is on April 18 at WIS.  I have several groups of students going to the tech fair and I will send out the permission slip link when I get it!
  • April 30Animal Ambassadors will be in-house to share 5 exotic animals with us in an educational atmosphere.  Your child brought home a BRIGHT PINK permission slip that must be filled out and signed by you for them to attend.  Please send it back in if you haven’t already. 
  • May 3 – Montessori Model United Nations In House Conference!!  We are excited to hear the resolutions that will be created this day.  Parents are invited to come by and observe the proceedings if they would like.  We will be emailing out a schedule for this day in April.  
  • We have the End Of Year Testing schedule set: 
  • May 14 and 15 – English/Language Arts/Writing tests
  • May 16 – Math test
  • May 21 – Social Studies test for 5th Years only
  • May 22 – Science test for 4th and 6th Years only
  • CMCS’s Annual Golf Tournament – May 18.  Email Ms. Tia if you plan to participate!  It always proves to be a fun time even if your golf skills aren’t “Up To Par” !  Haha, get it??
  • June 6th – Upper Elementary Graduation!  Join us in celebrating the 6th years’ achievements  and in sending them off to 7th grade.  
Now for a few class reminders:
     History Contract Assignments – Please check in with your child to make sure they are keeping up with this.  I’ve seen much time spent in class making models, but they have to create 5 different history items and I don’t want them to lose track of time by focusing on building a model.
     Tech Fair presentations must be finalized by Thursday so I can send in the final paperwork to register my groups.  Please check in with your child about this to see if they are part of a participating group.
     Wordly Wise and Math homework will continue for a few more weeks.  Once your child has completed Unit 20 in Wordly Wise, they won’t have that work anymore.  Math homework will continue through the month of April.
     Our in-class Insect Zoo has been fascinating!  We’ve watched the Painted Lady butterfly and the Lady Beetle larvae eat their way into pupating and now we just have to wait for the emergence of adults.  The Praying Mantis egg case is still silent – we don’t know when they will emerge, but we are raising Fruit Flies to feed them.  We will release the lady beetles, butterflies, and mantises when they emerge.  All three are beneficial insects so we hope they will stick around on the school grounds.
Have a wonderful week!