Weekly Update

Hi everyone!
I hope your weekend is going well and everyone is enjoying spring (I think it has arrived).  We had a lovely time last week enjoying our 17 butterflies and a dozen or so ladybugs.  We released them Thursday when the weather took a nice turn.    Now we are waiting on the praying mantis egg case to hatch so we can enjoy them.  We still have fruit flies in the room (on purpose – to feed the mantises when they hatch) and Sea Monkeys!  Our Invertebrate Zoo has been so much fun and I want to thank everyone AGAIN for donating to this fundraiser and making it possible.
As a reminder, the students have ALL PROJECTS due for History Contracts on April 17.  Please check with your child as to where they are on the completion of their 5 projects.  With the arrival of spring, it is going to be even harder to keep ourselves and the students focused on work, but we have to.  As the adults, it is our job to make sure they stay on task and complete homework and class assignments on time.  I really appreciate your help with this.  It can feel like we are swimming upstream constantly, (because we are!), but the kids need us to support them.
There have been a couple of calendar changes, so check below.  One SC Ready test date changed and the date for our Spartina planting field trip (5th Grade) changed, too.
If you are missing a permission slip for either Shrek on Wednesday, the Tech Fair, or Spartina planting, you will find the links below.  The permission slip for Animal Ambassadors is attached here.  Fill it out and send it back in .  We have to give them a hard copy or your child can not attend.
  • April 30- Animal Ambassadors will be in-house to share 5 exotic animals with us in an educational atmosphere.  Your child brought home a BRIGHT PINK permission slip that must be filled out and signed by you for them to attend.  Please send it back in if you haven’t already.
  • May 3 – Montessori Model United Nations In House Conference!!  We are excited to hear the resolutions that will be created this day.  Parents are invited to come by and observe the proceedings if they would like.  We will be emailing out a schedule for this day in April.
  • We have the End Of Year Testingschedule set:
  • May 14 and 15 – English/Language Arts/Writing tests
  • May 17 – Math test
  • May 21 – Social Studies test for 5th Years only
  • May 22 – Science test for 4th and 6th Years only
  • CMCS’s Annual Golf Tournament – May 18. Email Ms. Tia if you plan to participate!  It always proves to be a fun time even if your golf skills aren’t “Up To Par” !  Haha, get it??
  • June 6th- Upper Elementary Graduation!  Join us in celebrating the 6th years’ achievements  and in sending them off to 7th grade.
 Have a great weekend!