Wax Museum and Pi Day…what a week!

This week, the students shared Wax Museum presentations about their chosen careers. It was wonderful to see weeks of research come to life, but also see the excitement and determination on the students faces. It was very apparent that some will continue to pursue this careers in their futures. Each student researched and formed a paper explaining what education and training is needed as well as the demand and advantages of their career. During the presentations, the students had an infographic showing this information to the Wax Museum guests. Check on the photos!

This past Thursday, we celebrated Pi Day (3.14)! The students learned about this important irrational number and how it relates to ​measuring ​circles. ​Our​ follow-up activity involved the students measuring various circular objects in the classroom ​to ​find the radius, diameter, and circumference. Then we finished the day with our annual Pi-a-Teacher bonanza! Here are some photos from the day!