Spring Fever is Here…

It’s been difficult to focus on lessons and work when the temperatures outside are so comfortable and we can watch beautiful rain showers from our windows!  Regardless, there is work and review to be done, so we continue on with our studies!  We’re wrapping up our USA studies this week and will continue with garden and planting work.  Thank you for the donations of seeds and soil.  I think we may need another bag of potting soil…

“The Whispering Town” by Jennifer Elvgren is the Winner of the first annual March Book Madness!  (CROWDS GO WILD!!!!)

The March Madness Book Championship was so much fun and chock full of new literature, meaty cross-curricular connections, and diverse cultural experiences. This will definitely become a new CMCS tradition!


The students have expressed their displeasure at not having Music and Art class each week, but Ms. Lea and I have been filling in those gaps in the school week with in class lessons.  The students have been playing with the concepts of Line Symmetry, Radial Symmetry and Asymmetry.  We’ve been looking for examples of symmetry in the classroom and in nature.  We’ll be exploring the qualities and attributes of geometric solids as we begin making nets this week.  As far as music goes, our classroom spontaneously breaks out into song often!  A few students begin humming a song and in a few minutes, the entire classroom begins singing.  It’s a fun mini break from our work times.

Ms. Lea and I have been having students read to us, one on one, most days.  I can’t stress enough the importance of your children reading with you or to you each day.  Reading each night not only improves their fluency, but helps with their comprehension, writing, and their spelling.  Their progress since September is amazing.  Something I wish I would have done more as, as a parent, is record or video my own kids reading to me and my husband when they were younger.   There is nothing like pulling up a video of your 14 year old reading a Bob Book from when they were in First Grade!

There are a few trips coming up the next 2 weeks.

Wednesday, April 10th – All students to attend trip to Waccamaw Intermediate to see Shrek.                                                                                          Drivers, please arrive to school by 8:45.  We’ll leave about 9.  Show begins at 9:30.

Monday, April 15th –  Second Grade students ONLY heading to Fort Sumter.                                                                                                                   Drivers, Please arrive to school by 7:45.  We’ll leave promptly at 8:00.  Let me know if you can donate snacks or water for the trip.

Tuesday, April 16th – Third Grade students ONLY heading to Hobcaw.                                                                                                                              Drivers, please arrive to school by 8:30.  We’ll leave about 8:45.

Wednesday, April 17th – MMUN Dollar Dress Day – Theme: Mismatch Day!

Friday, April 19th – Good Friday and Beginning of Spring Break – NO SCHOOL – Happy Easter!