Spring Break is Approaching, but we aren’t breaking yet!

We have been accomplishing so much these past few weeks! We are winding down our Cycle 5 Interdependence unit and have excellent presentations to showcase how English and Social World all come together.
Students traveled to Charleston to hear the TEDTalks ideas worth sharing and then evaluated the talk that made the most impact on them; Junior Achievement (Global Marketplace) ends this Thursday, and all work is due before leaving for a much-needed break:

Several students were celebrated at the Waccamaw Neck Poetry Contest last Thursday. Kudos to these three finalists from CMCS Middle School

Gabriella Martin
Curren Harvey
Stella Fettermann

A special thank you to CMCS Girls on the Run coach, Kathy Redwine and assistant coaches, Cristen Golden and Melissa Clark for making such a difference in the lives of our younger CMCS students.