Event Planning

In an effort to organize, streamline, simplify and store pertinent information about our planned events (and make it easier for future event planners), we have created two forms for CMCS PTO Events:

  • Event Planning Form
  • After Event Form
  • Event Planning Form
  • After Event Form

Event Title *

Event Name *

Event Chairperson *


Brief description of the event *

Proposed Event Date *

Location *

Event Time *

Purpose of event *

What tasks need to be done before the event? Example: Provide song lyrics to teachers

How many volunteers are needed? *

What volunteer positions need to be filled and how many people are needed for each position? Example: Set-up crew (5)

Do we need to hire any professionals or vendors? If so, who and for what?

How will the event be promoted?

What requires upfront money and how much? Example: Clean-up supplies $20

Will people pay to attend?

If so, how much?

Total budget *


Event Title *

Event Chairperson *

Event Date *

Event Time *

Location *


List reimbursements and include name of recipient, item, amount and name of establishment on receipt (receipts should be delivered to the CMCS PTO Treasurer) Example: Barb Royal, tablecloths, $14.57, Walmart receipt

How much cash will the CMCS PTO Treasurer deposit in the CMCS PTO account as a result of this event?

What is the total profit of this event (if applicable)?

How much did this event cost the PTO (if applicable)?

Please list the names and contact information of any key volunteers, vendors and companies that made this event a success. Example: Joe Smalls from Party Rental USA for the table clothes 843-989-6676

What tips can you give to future chairs of this event?

Thank you for volunteering to chair a PTO event.  You are doing great things for the children and staff of CMCS and it is truly appreciated.

Most events take at least three to four weeks of planning, so start early.  When you chair an event you are the lead organizer and contact before, during and after the event.

Follow the four steps below to plan, implement and document your PTO event. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact PTO President Melissa Nordstrom, or PTO Vice President Martha Propps.

  • 1. SUBMITTING THE EVENT PLANNING FORM to organize the event and streamline the process
  • 2. VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT to ensure the event runs smoothly
  • 3. COMMUNICATION AND PROMOTION of the event to CMCS families and the Pawleys Island community, if appropriate
  • 4. SUBMITTING THE AFTER EVENT FORM AND EVENT BINDER to collect data and track what’s working so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel next time

This tool really helps you get organized and understand what it will take to have a successful event. It will also help you budget. Start thinking about the following:

  • Purpose of the event – will this event be for Fundraising, Community Building or a Charitable Event?
  • Basic event details – date, time and location (be sure to check the PTO and CMCS calendar)
  • What will the set-up requirements be? Make a map of the venue with table set-up
  • What items do we need for the event? Tables, chairs, cash box, sound system, generator, etc.
  • What are the logistics that need to be managed during the event? Cash pick-up, food replenishment, etc.
  • What kind of volunteers, professionals, and/or vendors will we need? Adults, kids, special talent, food, security, DJ, etc.
  • What will clean up entail? Time, trash bags, tent breakdown, etc.
  • How many volunteers will we need and for what tasks? Think in terms of Pre-Event (collecting items needed); Event Set-up; During Event; and Event Clean Up
  • What up are the upfront costs and will people need to pay to attend?

After you have filled out the Event Planning Form at the top of this page, the PTO president will bring it to the next PTO Board meeting for discussion.  Please be as detailed as you can, but don’t worry about perfection. We will put our heads together at the meeting to make sure everything has been considered and the plan is ready for action. After this process, the event you are chairing will be approved for VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT and COMMUNICATION AND PROMOTION

Now that you’ve identified your volunteer needs, here are some great ways to recruit volunteers for your event:

  • Set up your event on, which is the online volunteer program we use to centralize all CMCS volunteer efforts. Contact Tia Bergeron to help you list your volunteer needs on the website. School volunteers who are signed up on will be automatically notified via email asking if they would like to help for your event.
  • Call and email your CMCS Parent Friends
  • Contact Amy Miller to publish your volunteer needs on the CMCS Website and in the Weekly Update e-newsletter
  • Create and distribute a Backpack Flyer* for students to take home (be sure to send the pdf to Amy Miller to link from the website and eblasts
  • Speak to teachers about who to reach out to

Communication is imperative for your event to be successful. We have several internal methods that you should utilize:

  • PTO Facebook Page, contact Lynn Dziekan
  • CMCS Facebook Page, contact Kristy Harbaugh
  • CMCS Weekly Update e-newsletter, CMCS Website, and PTO e-newsletter, contact Amy Miller
  • Create and distribute a Backpack Flyer* for students to take home (be sure to send the pdf to Amy Miller to link from the website and eblasts
  • Write an email for teachers to send out to parents directly
  • Contact the Coastal Observer, Georgetown Times and other local media outlets (if relevant for your event)

*Backpack Flyers –  If you are not artistically or technically inclined and cannot create your own flyer, no problem! Just contact Barb Royal and she will design the flyer.  We just ask that you please provide her with all pertinent details of your event up front, just as you would like to have the details appear in print.

You’ve done it!  You’ve chaired a successful event. There’s just a little bit more to do to tie up loose ends and ensure everything is documented appropriately.

  • Be sure to complete the After Event Form at the top of this page.
  • Give cash for deposit and all receipts for reimbursement to the PTO Treasurer, Trava Hendrix. If possible, we would like to try and close out the event within the same month that it occurred.
  • Have an Event Binder prepared for the next PTO meeting that includes notes, flyers, posters (all support materials) and ideas to improve the event. Leave space for, or get from the PTO president, print outs of the Event Planning Form and After Event Form to include in the Event Binder.  This Event Binder will help the next PTO Event Chair to have another successful event.