Middle School Dress Code

Overall Appearance

  • Present a neat and well groomed appearance
  • The following garments should not be worn at school:  garments with slits, holes or tears; clothing that is see through or exposes the back, abdomen, sides, or midriff when the scholar raises his/her arms to shoulder height
  • Any clothing that has offensive or inappropriate language
  • CMCS logo clothing is appropriate at any time
  • There is free choice, but it must conform to the following rules


  • Wear shorts, jeans, slacks, etc. at waist level or above the hips.  The back or belly should not show
  • Shorts and skorts must reach the fingertips when standing up and hands are held straight down the sides
  • Girls may wear athletic shorts with undergarments built into the shorts
  • Leggings or tights can be worn, but NOT in lieu of pants.  They must be worn with a skirt, shorts, or skorts
  • Cargo pants are not permitted
  • Appropriate PE attire needs to worn on PE days


  • Undergarments shall not be exposed at any time
  • Spaghetti straps and muscle shirts should not be worn to school
  • All buttoned shirts should be worn buttoned to the top 2 buttons


  • Dresses must reach the fingertips when standing up and hands are held straight down the sides

Shoes and Socks

  • Any shoes may be worn as long as toes are not showing.  Please remember that scholars run around a lot during the day, so tennis shoes are the best option
  • Tennis shoes must be worn for PE days
  • Slippers or indoor shoes are acceptable for the classroom.  Scholars must have another pair of shoes to change into when going outside.
  • Scholars may wear any ankle or knee high socks to school except for socks that go above the knee.
  • Scholars may wear leggings or tights with a skirt, skort, or shorts.  They may NOT be worn by themselves
  • Scholars may not be sockless indoors as it is a health concern

Hats and Headgear

  • Hats may be worn outside as long as they do not contain inappropriate or offensive language or symbols
  • All hats, caps, hoods, and other headgear should be removed when entering the building


  • If scholars wear a jacket to and from school, it is a personal choice of style
  • If scholars wear a jacket in the classroom, it must conform to the same guidelines as a top
  • A jacket can be worn outside the building as long as it does not contain inappropriate or offensive language or symbols


  • Sunglasses will not be worn in the building
  • Jewelry, makeup, piercings are strongly discouraged but any accessory worn must be modest, subtle, and not disruptive to the educational environment
  • Earrings should be at a length that will not present a safety hazard
  • Electronic items, book bags, purses, outdoor jackets, sunglasses, and hats should be removed upon entry to the building and placed in the scholar’s locker
  • Any dress that is deemed disruptive to the educational process is prohibited