Book Fun is “Unlimited!”

(Crowds cheer) Final two! FINAL TWO! Our March Madness Book Bracket is down to Lower Elementary’s two favorite books, “Wilma Unlimited” and “The Whispering Town”! In “Wilma Unlimited” we read of the true story of olympic gold medalist, Wilma Rudolph who triumphed over adversity to make history. In her honor, we made gold medals boasting our future goals. The competing book was equally as wonderful. “The Patchwork Path” was the true story of a girl born in slavery and her and her father’s escape to freedom using patterns from a quilt. We created quilt replicas of our own using the symbols explained in the book. The final vote will occur next week with the entire Lower El. This is a nail-biter!

Coming up:
golden bead regrouping, weather, graphing, ow/ar/oi/oy, bio poetry

Printable for graphing:

Seconds: golden bead subtraction with regrouping, graphing, adverbs, subject/verb agreement, 5 Ws and H

Application of 5Ws and H:

Thirds: division with 11 and 12, angles and measurements, subject/predicate, adverbs, analyzing poetry

Printable division by 11 and 12: