2019 SUMMER READING INFORMATION for incoming 7th/8th grade students!

Hello All!

Dust off those reading cobwebs and fight the boring dog days of August with a great read! Please try to get into a daily habit of just 15-20 minutes of quality reading a day so that you are ready to go for CMCS Middle School!  Here is the info I sent out at the end of last year:

CMCS Middle School  SUMMER READING INFORMATION:   2019-2020 School Year

In order for all students to stay sharp with their reading skills, all CMCS middle school students entering the 2019-20 school year should read a MINIMUM of TWO books this summer/early August from the South Carolina Junior Book Award or South Carolina Young Adult Book Award lists. (This means they can choose two books from 40 titles!) 

Please note that Young Adult books are more geared for high-school students and may contain more adult themes, but they still exhibit high-quality/high-interest writing geared toward teens. Junior Book titles tend to be geared for Grades 6-8, so some of our middle school readers find them “too easy,” but they have meaningful messages and are still great picks!  Have your child choose at least two books–whichever titles interest him/her the most–to make this an “enjoyable” summer reading requirement. These should be read BEFORE entering school in August.  My Google Classroom page has the last post of the year with quick links to all book titles–check them out!

English 1 Honors students have already been notified of their placement. These students should read ONE title (or more!) from the SC Young Adult booklist and To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee for the TWO required reads. (I encourage even more reading, though!) English 1 Honors students should have all books finished before entering school. If your current 8th grader wishes to rise to the challenge of English 1 Honors, but s/he was not originally recommended for this placement, please email Ms. Liz for a waiver to join the course.

Please visit our local branches of the libraries of Georgetown County/Pawleys Island for any of these free titles. Also, My Sister’s Books and Litchfield Books are local businesses who carry many of these titles. Multiple copies are available of each. Any books that you purchase for your child are always appreciated as a donation to our classroom library when s/he finishes with the book(s).  Also, feel free to clean out those dusty bookshelves and donate any classics/teen novels to our ever-growing classroom library shelves. 

Happy rest of the summer, and I wish you all some blissful reading in your happy place–mine is “on the beach!”   See you soon!

Ms. Liz


Link to titles:

(Choose far-right icons–Junior and Young Adult lists contain 40 titles of excellent, high-interest teen reading!)

Summer Reading  book lists