Work Time!

Our transition and getting to know the classroom days are over.  We come in each day ready to work and really enjoy what we do!  Our classroom photographer did her job well.  Enjoy the following pictures.

Coming up next week:

Wednesday is Formal Dress day as well as Picture Day for LE.

New parent mini conferences continue.

I will be sending home directions for Xtra math next week. This is a free online program that assesses and grows with your child throughout the year. It’s intended to be a daily work but shuts off after only about five minutes. It’s a quick and easy way to provide math practice without it becoming overwhelming or tedious.



Getting the garden cleaned out.

Our rosemary has done beautifully over the summer.

We dug up an amazing variety of roots!

We found lots of basil seedings. Of course we saved them and potted them!

Blue, on the swing. We’ve really enjoyed watching the birds this year!

We had a visitor Friday!! Hello Charlie Rose!

Spaghetti for lunch…again. The sauce had sliced mushrooms, zucchini, and yellow squash in it. It was delicious!

This week’s lunch took lots of prep work.

Getting the yard cleaned up!

We had quite a bit to clean out!

Reading Buddies began this week!

A rare glimpse of one of our adult Madagascar Hissing Roaches just after shedding it’s old, tight, exoskeleton. Pretty crazy!! You’re welcome.

We have had Australia maps everywhere all week long!

Parcing sentences.

Sewing our word baggies.

Word baggies! Lots of sewing going on.

Third years get many opportunities to help support younger peers.


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