Wierd-agons, 100’s, and Books, oh my…

Enjoy the photos!

Taking geometry outside: We made polygons using people as vertices and yarn for the sides!

Roxie is trying to coordinate her classmates: “Can we make an octagon, friends?”

Ren declares their shape a “wierd-agon!”

homophones with the movable alphabet

100th Day of School!

Oly brought in 100 beads in five separate segments. We created a fun word problem with that one!

Bren’s 100 marbles

Counting to 100 is difficult when the person on either side of you is also counting! This was a wonderful opportunity to practice concentration as well!


Kaia’s 100 hearts


Jamison’s 100 pencils stretched all the way down to Ms. Hillary’s room!

Sam and Alexa counted out 100 pipe cleaners

Elizabeth’s 100 little pets (is that what they’re called?)

Kalin’s 100 paperclips! We noticed that 100 paperclips do not take up as much room as 100 pencils.

Lyla brought in 100 earrings. Wow!


100 m&ms

Brighton’s 100 legos!

Hope and her 100 hearts.

97, 98, 99…. 100 pencils!

Not captured in a photo: Ren’s 100 raisins and Liam’s 100 lego pieces!

Library time


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