What Do You Do With an Idea?

Last week we read the most wonderful story called, “What Do You Do With an Idea?” by Kobi Yamada. In the story, a young boy has an idea. At first, he wonders where it came from. Then he wonders what other people will think of his idea. Will they laugh at it? Will they think it is silly? After spending some time doubting his idea and hiding it, he decides that he really likes his idea and he is happier when it’s around. He feeds and nurtures it and his idea bursts out into the world.

This story generated interesting questions and a philosophical discussion about ideas among the students. What is an idea? Where do you think ideas come from? Are you ever afraid to tell someone about an idea that you had? What is magical about ideas? Are other people right to tell you that your idea is wrong?

As an extension to this read aloud we played an improvisational game in which we passed a smooth driftwood stick around the circle and each student had a turn to think on the spot and pretend the stick was anything but a stick. It was so fun to see what ideas they came up with. Some ideas included a rolling pin, a flute, a telescope, and a baseball bat. Interesting ideas!

Children are naturally creative, imaginative, and inventive. I aim to cultivate an environment in which the students can nurture their creativity and feel safe, confident, and free to share and develop their magical and marvelous ideas!

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