Welcome Fall!

We welcomed the first full week of fall with lots of new lessons. Among many of those new skills, second years were able to create their own card work for cause and effect, third years made models for the layers of the earth, and first years studied our class pet, Palette, to learn the parts of a fish. All students began work in their individualized reading packets, had school pictures made and we began collecting donations for a needy classroom in Houston. If you would like to donate, specific needs include notebooks and other school supplies and books and materials in Spanish. All donations are due by Friday, October 13th.

Library checkout is on Thursdays.
MMUN fundraisers are ongoing (school store, snack shack, t-shirt and monthly dollar dress days).
Free dress is the first Friday of every month (next one is Oct. 6) and Formal Dining Day is the last Wednesday of every month (next one is Oct. 25).
If you haven’t signed up for a fall conference yet, please do so by going to the following link: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090844a8af2ca7f94-fall1

Next week:
Firsts – Hundreds board, landforms, golden bead addition, parts of a plant, beginning digraphs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQLlKekDZtU

100th Day Activities – Free Printable Extensions for the Hundred Board

Seconds – Comparing numbers, sight words, predictions, soft c/g, angles, facts/opinions

Free Sight Word Worksheets and Printables


Thirds – prefixes, parts of a volcano, hierarchal numbers, asking/answering questions about text, checkerboard dynamic, theme


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