Weekly Update – Pumpkin Math will be here soon!!

October proves to be an exciting month!  Not only will we have a week of Pumpkin Math activities, Midway Fire Department will visit the LE to talk about Fire Safety on October 20th, and the PTO will host some Halloween fun on October 27th.

This month we will practice our metric-measuring and graph building skills as we begin Pumpkin Math!  During Pumpkin Math, we break up into small groups and gather all kinds of data on the classroom pumpkins.  This data is recorded on a huge chart that is used as a reference for the math work for the week!  The students practice reading charts, building graphs, and answering word problems using the data we gathered on the pumpkins!  It’s different every year and we all really look forward to it.

We have some great pictures from this week thanks to our class photographer.                                                                                                                                      Enjoy the glimpse into our days this past week!


Being quiet is a skill that needs practice for many of today’s students…

I’m hoping to make this space more useable. We’ll be working to clean up the brush by the fallen trees so they can used as seats, desks, observation decks and more! I’d welcome and appreciate any help!

How lucky we are to have a beautiful “natural” space so close!

Botany lessons are making their way naturally into our discussions this week. We discussed the difference between perennial and annual plants.

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