Weekly Update Oct. 15

Hello families,
Last week, Gov. McMaster declared it to be Metric Week in SC, and it was a success in class! If fact, we actually have a few activities to carry over into this week and continue the learning. One of the most popular activities was the Metric Olympics. The students participated in various Olympic events such as the Cotton Ball Shot-put, Paper Plate Discus, Straw Javelin Throw, and more. Each student had to estimate the distance, weight, capacity, or area involved in their event and then record the actual information after completing the event. The goal was to get your actual recorded information as close to your estimate as possible.
Also this week, the students presented their Ancient Greek Gallery Walk pieces. In groups of three or four, the students had to research an important author, artist, thinker, or scientist then create an informational poster sharing their achievements. On Wednesday morning, the students presented their research and it was so wonderful to give them a chance to teach one another. They shared details, fielded questions, and learned quite a bit about the important figures of Ancient Greece.
Finally, our field trip to the Salt Marsh was a great success! The students examined the biotic and abiotic elements of the marsh, tested the water quality, and even got a chance to catch some organisms in the water. We had a little extra time after lunch so we went on a Nature Walk. Hopefully everyone learned how to identify poison ivy, the importance of picking up litter, and how the flora and fauna change as we move from the water, to the low marsh, to the upper marsh, and into a maritime forest.  Thank you to all of the parent drivers.
Pictures from all these activities and events can be found on our Facebook page and at the link below. If anyone hasn’t been added to our class Facebook page, please reply to this update with your email that you use for Facebook and I will send you an invite. 
Chaperones, if you have pictures from the field trip, you can upload them to Montessori Messages FB page directly.  
This week:
Tuesday, October 17th: MMUN Family Meeting at 5:30 p.m.
Wednesday, October 18th: MMUN Dollar Free Dress
Thursday, October 19th: Literacy Night with Storyteller Natalie Daise 6:00- 7:00 p.m.  Plan to come as she is a treat to see!  Also, Dr. Hunt will be holding a Healthy SuperFoods talk.
Thursday, October 19th: First Tee for the 4th Years. Wear your collared shirt and bring a water bottle!
Friday – Midway Fire Department will visit the school with all the trucks, bells, and whistles.  It will be a great educational visit.

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