Weekly Update

Hi Parents,

I’m looking at a fairly quiet calendar week ahead.  We have First Tee for fourth years again this Thursday plus our field trip on Friday.  Fourth years will be given time after lunch to take their Wordly Wise test.
The student responsibility issues were mildly better this week. We were not in a ‘lock-down’ situation as we were the week before, but I still had students not completing work on time or bringing extra work home to finish.  Please remember that students in band miss time in class to complete classroom assignments.  Some of these assignments will need to come home for completion, but many of the students are not doing so even when reminded by me.
Last week I had about half of the class stay in at recess finishing a science assignment that they chose not do.  Often that is the consequence to not completing work on time.  When asked why they didn’t do it, most of them just shrugged their shoulders and said, “I don’t know.”  So they gave up recess to complete it.  Not ideal.
We will continue to work on personal responsibility, but don’t be surprised if this is a topic at our first parent/teacher conference at the end of this month.  Ask your child about it now and see what they have to say.  A link to the conference sign-up page was sent to you on October 7.  Please use this link to sign up for a conference. As always, students are invited to join us.
We have our first ‘going-out’ this week!  A trip to the salt marsh has been planned for Friday.  The permission slip can be accessed with this link:
Children need to pack a fresh uniform to change into AFTER the field trip.  For the trip, all students need to wear OLD CLOTHES THAT CAN GET WET AND MUDDY, OLD TIE ON SHOES THAT CAN GET WET AND MUDDY, bring a lunch and extra water, wear sunscreen, bring bug spray (please don’t pre-apply), and a good attitude!  Feel free to send along cast nets or seine nets if you have one for sampling in the creek.  I have plenty of drivers for this trip.  I am already planning our next trip for November, so if you want to drive and didn’t get in on this trip there will be others.
Have a great week!

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