Weekly Update

Hi Everyone,
Thank you all for getting your child to school on time this week.  It’s important the students have time to put their things away, chat with friends, and get themselves mentally ready for a good work day. 
In-class lunch has been well received again this year!  Over 1/2 the class (and a few teachers) have enjoyed the food served the past few weeks, and I am happy seeing the students willing to try new things.  Most everyone enjoyed the egg-drop soup and rice this week!
We try to get photographs during the work days, but this shortened week has been very busy with lessons and it completely slipped our minds to document our time together!  We’ll improve with sending you a candid inside view of the class once I assign student the chore of “photographer” next week. (I accidentally left the chore off our chart this year!)
Garden Beds
This week, weather permitting, we’ll be getting to work cleaning out our garden beds in front of the school.  As we pull up plants, older students will be asked to identify plants, their parts, type of root systems they find, and insects they may observe.  First year students will begin botany lessons this week, but the hands on work with older peers will offer them a great experience in physically working in the garden with their hands and everything that accompanies it! 
This will be our first fall-season planting in these beds.  We could use a few items if you’re interested in donating to our work!  Any type of topsoil/garden soil or manure is welcome. (The soil in the beds now is very shallow.)   We could also use some plant food.  We’ll be planting collards that the children gathered from some dried collard seed pods, as well as other winter veggies.  We plan to use our crop to make soups for In-Class Lunch in the winter months.  Also, we will be getting our bird feeders out again. Bird seed is always welcome and appreciated!
Wednesday, September 27th is CMCS Picture Day for Lower El.
Dress:  Students may have a “polished free dress” day on their assigned picture day.  This is similar to formal dining day attire.  In the alternative, they may wear their CMCS uniform.
Meal Order Form for Week of September 25th:
I’ll be sending our a Sign-Up Genius link to new families to our classroom this week. We have school wide conference times at the end of October, but I’d like to meet with newer families sooner than that to see how you feel the transition for your child has been, and to answer any logistical questions you might have.  I also truly enjoy getting to know the families that belong to my students!

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