Week of Oct 30-Nov 3: Start of a New Month and a New Quarter!

Middle School students have wrapped up an intense quarter of new beginnings–especially our 7th graders who were diving into a brand new learning environment this year. For many of these novice students, it is a whole new process to learn the value of hard work and receive grades on work completed–quality work, as we constantly remind them.

We also remind you that report cards were distributed on Friday this week (NOV. 3), and students were given the directive to sit and reflect on their teachers’ comments and the grades earned; students wrote about their plans for “moving forward…” this next quarter. It is imperative that these students learn how to become the best independent, responsible learners possible and embrace accountability both in and out of the classroom. (These are the life skills that our Montessori classrooms foster that are so much more important than letter grades.) Be sure that your child talks with you about these important reflections and goals for the future.

Parents, don’t be to worried by any “lower than desired” percentage grades–it is only in a utopian world that all students earn 100% on all work. 🙂  By the way, ask your child to define utopia vs. dystopia and then ask them about these concepts as they are revealed in their book club readings. We have some great titles this cycle that Ms. Liz is so excited for them to discuss!

Next week, we all begin with “clean slates” and the chance to show what we know and what we know these intelligent, amazing children can do! We welcome a fresh new quarter and more exciting events unfolding for us!

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