Week of Oct 23rd

The Basic Skills

Ever wonder why some teams are good year after year? A large portion of their success can be traced back to the importance their coaches place on the fundamental skills of softball. You can’t score if you can’t get to bat. You won’t get to bat if your team is weak on catching and throwing the ball. Every defensive play involves catching and throwing. Stressing these basic skills from the very beginning makes for some very strong players. You would be surprised to discover how much time the U.S. Olympic Softball Team spends in drills that are designed ONLY to improve each player’s catching and throwing skills. You can never practice catching and throwing too much.

THIS WEEK (Oct 23rd- 27th)

The Lower and Upper Elementary will be working on their underhand and overhead throws. These skills are fundamental for multiple sports skills such as : bowling, pitching, football touchdown passes and etc. I encourage you to ask your students about their PE class and ask what they have learned. When asking about their skills I would like you to start with the WHY. Why are you learning it? Then I would like you to ask them the WHAT. What are you learning? Then finally  I would like you to ask them HOW. How do you know you learned it? These are the three questions I would like for my students to walk away from each lesson being able to answer.  

Thank you for all your support and Hard Work!


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