Week of January 23

We are busy trucking along in LE 1! Now that MAP testing is out of the way, we have targeted some skills to hone in to as a daily review. We have a added these to our Morning Meeting routines. You can help at home by continuing to work on math fluency. We want the kiddos to know their basic addition/subtraction/multiplication/division facts with automaticity. These are the foundations for a strong number sense and ability to accurately compute.

Please remember that homework journals are due on Tuesday. We haven’t been consistent with it since winter break, but plan on jumping back in next week.

This week, 2nd years will be researching an African country of their choice. I encourage you to extend their research at home. We will do presentations on Friday for the rest of the class. You are free to bring in a food item from your country, as long as you let me know by Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. Second years will also begin a study of quadrilaterals, figurative language, reptiles and congruency.Here are some extension activities you can do at home for homework!
Need a figurative language refresher? This is a great review in song.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvpLdM-3mTc


For quadrilaterals (4 sided figures) – build with toothpicks and mini marshmallows. Manipulate the shapes the make a rectangle, a square, and rhombus, a trapezoid, etc.

Study the artwork of Auguste Herbin to find geometric shapes and congruency.

This week, first years will study triangles, antonyms, reptiles, measurement and multiplication bead board.
*See above suggestion regarding quadrilaterals and adjust to triangles.
Measure items around your home. Who has the longest foot in your house? Who’s toothbrush is shortest?


Make your own Valentine themed Montessori multiplication board!

This week, 3rds will explore pronouns, figurative language, study of triangles, large bead frame multiplication, text evidence and coordinate plotting.
(See above for suggestions with triangles and figurative language.)

Create a battleship game for coordinate plotting!







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