Week of January 22nd

Students are falling back into a routine after the winter holidays and snow days! As we move toward the spring semester, your support at home becomes even more important. Please make sure you are working in the reading packets as much as possible and dedicating a little time each day to math fluency (use Xtra math, another fluency app, or flashcards).

Optional winter conferences are being held. I will contact you directly if we need to meet regarding your child. As always, if you’d like to request a conference, please do so.

Our special areas are now being moved to Tuesdays. This will begin next week. Be prepared for PE, Art and Spanish on Tuesday, January 30th. This will be the schedule until the end of the school year.

An email went out regarding a field trip for the third years. If you have a third year student, please complete the permission form promptly. We are still looking for one approved parent driver.

Coming up:
1sts – text features, fact/opinion, triangles, measurement, amphibians, vowel digraphs (ee, ea, ay, ai)


ai Vowel Digraph, Long a, Phonics Game

2nds – text evidence, text features, time to the minute, quadrilaterals, prefixes/suffixes, digraph si


Printables for text evidence: https://www.englishworksheetsland.com/grade6/1cite.html

3rds – large bead frame multiplication, multiplication fact fluency, comparing/contrasting texts, triangle study, pronouns, text dependent analysis, coordinate plotting

Understanding Text Dependent Analysis (for parents – this is big part of state testing!): https://dpi.wi.gov/sites/default/files/imce/assessment/pdf/5th%20and%206th%20grade%20TDA%20Sample%20Items.pdf


3 Month Plan Jan-March 2018 (1)

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