The Arrival of Norbert

This week brought a new family member! Welcome Norbert, the baby yellow bellied slider turtle! First years were set to learn about external parts of reptiles and 2nd and 3rd years were to learn body functions of reptiles. It was a beautiful coincidence that as I was doing yard work last week, I came across what I thought was a green golf ball. I picked it up and it was a very new turtle hatchling! I was afraid I had harmed him with my shovel, so I brought him inside to monitor him. After some guidance from Ms. Antoinette and some of the Upper El teachers, we were able to bring him to school and create a habitat for him here. Our reptile lessons were spectacular!




Looking ahead to next week:
1st – story retell, word families, place value, adjectives

Word Families – ab, ag, am, an Crocodile Phonics Game

2nd – multiplication, character analysis, presidents, time to the minute

3rd – multiplication, Text dependent analysis, presidents, antonyms, North American studies

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