Week of Dec 4-8: Still Busy and Working Hard!

Not only are we finishing up our Cycle 2 activities, students are also learning a bit more about career options and possible post-secondary choices for them. It’s never too early to investigate current trends and future opportunities in the world of work!  Students learned about South Carolina’s 16 Career Clusters, and everyone created electronic portfolios and private accounts for SCOIS.net (South Carolina Career Information System); these electronic files can be used at anytime during their middle/high school experience and contain resources like financial aid links and resume makers!

Please ask your child to log on and review with you the results of his/her most recent investigation. In addition, Jason Coakley, our regional career development facilitator, visited the students this Wednesday to talk more about skills needed in the workplace and job trends in our area.

Also this week, several 8th grade students created their version of a perfect world. Utopia presentations were phenomenal as students used only visuals to explain their ideas to peers in the arena. Lab reports and group investigations, a social world seminar, and math lessons rounded up the week. We are always busy and adding to our knowledge base!


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