Week 2

It was so nice to see most of you at our presentations Friday morning. The scholars worked diligently on their topics and had some pretty creative models and demonstrations. Watching the mix of age groups work together is such a joy!
Studies on our focus continent, Australia, have commenced! We are all excited to journey to the world of Oceania and discover its history, culture, wildlife, and people!
Friday, we discussed the Fundamental Needs of Humans. As we study a people or new land, we look at their fundamental needs. Are they similar to ours? If not, how are they different? How do they fulfill their spiritual needs? Material needs?  I asked the scholars to think of things that they really need to survive. I was pleasantly surprised by the “deep thoughts” of our 1st years. One of our 1st year friends shared: ” You need a Daddy, because without a Daddy, you wouldn’t have a sweetie.”  That led to a discussion on family and social acceptance as a need.
Ask your scholar about some of our fundamental needs vs. our wants.

Fundamental Needs Of Humans

Enjoy the photos below from our First Great Lesson research!

A first year from Ms. Antoinette’s room works on the visual with her group.

It was lovely to see our middle schoolers step into the role of leader this year!

A 6th year, 4th year, and 1st year work together on the Mariana Trench visual.

The “Marine Predators” group discusses what to use for a model.

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