Week of 11/13-11/17: Business as Usual!

What a busy week! Middle School students worked on advertising and opening up their first business venture of the school year: Slushies!  All students are offered this fruity treat at lunch on various Fridays and at other future opportune times/events.  The slushy cups sold out by the end of second lunch, but NO WORRIES–we will be ordering more! Cost will remain $7.99 for the washable cup (includes lid/straw); this first purchase also includes a complimentary (FREE) 8oz. slushy!  Refills for future slushies are a mere $1.49, as long as your child provides his/her clean cup.  Stay tuned for our next Slushy Sale date and, as always, thanks for supporting our school and its enterprising young minds. All proceeds from these sales will be applied directly to our middle school field experiences.

Also, we ventured outside of our classroom walls to complete our second Outreach event of the year. Several students traveled to local places to assist with our local community:  a beach/town clean up for South Pawleys, some interaction with Bingo with our Lakes at Litchfield residents, and tons of fun with preschoolers at Montessori School of Pawleys Island.   What a wonderful time to be at CMCS!

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