Upper Elementary

Over the past few weeks, the Upper Elementary students have been reading stories full of cognates and easy language.  The stories are completely in Spanish and yet the students are able to understand and retell the stories in Spanish.

Each year has been working on their individual stories starting with simpler stories for the 4th years, all the way up to the harder stories with the 6th years. Each level works on the appropriate vocabulary and verb conjugations for their stories.

4th years have been going over the following stories:

Isabel Va a La Escuela – Isabel Goes to School – A girl goes to a new school for the first time and makes new friends.

El Gato y el Pez – The Cat and the Fish – A Cat and a Fish live in the same house and the cat has an idea.

El Pez –  The Fish – The same story as The Cat and the Fish but from the Fish’s point of view.

5th years have been  going over the following stories:

Mono, Mono ¿Adónde vas? – Monkey, Monkey Where are you going? – A monkey escapes from the zoo and tries to return to his home in Mexico using different modes of transportation.

El Pirata – The Pirate – A Pirate uses a map to find a treasure on an island full of different types of terrains.

6th Years have been  going over the following stories:

El Ratón – The Mouse – A mouse lives in a clock and does different activities in different rooms at night while the family sleeps.

El Perro Perdido – The Lost Dog – A dog is lost and goes to people of different professions to find his owner.

Please be sure to ask your students about these stories and have them use the vocabulary from them!

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