The gardens have been planted with squash, pickles, and a variety of tomatoes, but we still have room for herbs and flowers!  Students are observing and watering the beds daily.  We’re hoping to see some veggies before we head out for the summer!

The students have wrapped up our Time Line of Life research projects.  It was tough getting it complete with all of the illnesses, but we’re done! That geological time will be revisited next year!

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Important Dates

This Friday  – Whole School Field Trip to WHS for Willy Wonka Production . Fri, April 7, 8:45am – 11:00am . We’ll be taking a bus for this trip.

Next week is a shortened week.  No school Friday, 4/14.

Candies and tiny toys needed!  It is a tradition for our class to have a surprise “Easter Egg Hunt” in the classroom.  Please do not mention this to the students.  I always tell them that I’m not sure who put the eggs out!    It will happen on day after lunch next week.  I reuse eggs each year so I’m pretty good on eggs.  If you would like to send in small candy, coins, or toys that can be fit in eggs, please double wrap them before sending items in.  You can also have them give the items to Ms. Tia, if it helps!



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