Update 1-6-17

It was great getting back with the students in our beautiful room!

We have decided that our In-Class Lunches on Wednesday will be a soup, sandwich, and fruit. We had pastina with broccoli soup, croissants with peanut butter or nutella, and apples. Jacque and I were happily surprised with how many students enjoyed the soup!

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As per a few parent requests, I will be sending a math booklet home with each student on Monday. Mastering math facts and getting familiar with solving word problems are essential skills. You are welcome to use the booklet in a way that suits your family schedule. I am happy to check the work daily, or weekly. We will continue to use the language books or word lists activities, and the Home Work Journal as usual.   Helping your child develop good study habits and creating a home routine for practicing academic skills will promote academic success in years to come. (I’m seeing it now as a parent with my 8th grader!)

Thank you to the Stephens Family for the new Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Environment. The students prepared it and moved our little friends into it today!

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                                                                       As we are settling into our classroom, we are noticing ways keep the room better organized and more neat.  Please send in a magazine holder to help keep your child’s books organized.                                            This is our only storage space for their school things, as well as their water bottles and lunch boxes. Thanks!

2017-01-06 16.10.07 2017-01-06 16.10.31 2017-01-06 16.10.51

Upcoming Dates:

Half Day Dismissal – Friday 1/13 (11:25)

NO School – Monday 1-16 – Martin Luther King Day


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