Tree of Life

Over the past week, the students in our class have been working in groups of three to learn about the periods and eras of the “timeline of life” on Earth. On Friday, the students let their creative juices flow and began making artistic representations of their assigned era/period. Many of the groups decided to make dioramas, while others chose to make puppets, finger puppets, and clay models to represent the plant and animal species of their assigned era.

A beautiful companion material to the “Timeline of Life” is the “Tree of Life.” Our students have thoroughly enjoyed taking turns using this material to learn how living things are classified. Students begin the work by building the tree trunk, which branches off into kingdom monera, kingdom protista, kingdom fungi, kingdom plantae, and kingdom animalia. A control chart helps the students learn where to place the leaves on the tree that represent the diverse species. Enjoy the photos of the students at work.

work 3 work 2 work 1 work tree 6 tree 5 tree 4 tree 3 tree 2 tree 1

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