Time for Planting!

Our garden beds have put together and set in place thanks to Mr. Chad and the Middle School kids.  We took a warm day and started to fill the two beds, preparing them for seeds and plants!  The students had to form a bucket brigade to get the compost to the beds from the far end of the parking lot.  It was quite a lot of work, but as we learned, many hands make light work!  And we all enjoyed our time outside!  We don’t have enough opportunities for kids to work hard, physically, together for a common goal.  Caring for garden does just that!  Thank you to Cullen’s Dad, for sending in a variety of vegetable plants for us to plant!  They will be put it after we get through this unusually chilly week.  We are looking for blueberry bushes to put by the playground, so if you know if anyone is willing to give us local cuttings, that would be great!

We have 2 classroom cameras that most of the 2nd and 3rd year students have learned how to use.  I’ve been asking them to capture our special moments!  Enjoy the photographs!

2017-02-24 15.18.56



2017-02-24 15.20.352017-02-24 15.17.46 2017-02-24 15.15.32 2017-02-24 14.52.31 2017-02-24 14.51.45 2017-02-24 14.50.51 2017-02-24 14.49.29 2017-02-24 14.48.542017-02-24 14.46.222017-02-24 14.43.03 2017-02-24 14.41.28 2017-02-24 14.39.20

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