This is Montessori

On Formal Dining Day last week, I had the privilege of seeing Montessori at it’s best. At times, the students’ impressive level of autonomy and keen cooperation skills can become common place in this very unique environment. So it was with great pride that I witnessed the self-sufficiency and problem solving of a set of students that day. One of our kiddos was dashing in his suit, but soon realized that his coat button had fallen off. Without any adult direction, he and his friend got out the sewing supplies, visited Ms. Antionette for matching thread and repaired his button, completely independently. Imagine how this level of autonomy, confidence and resourcefulness will serve them both as adults. This is Montessori.

We had such a fun-filled week. We began yoga and loved it! A special thanks goes out to Ms. Jodi Ryba for gifting us with this time.

We had a wonderful time at our Halloween festivities, with our book buddies and with the new skills we are learning. Enjoy pictures from our week!

Next week:
Firsts – ending blends, bead chains, nouns, time to the hour

Printable worksheets for nouns:

Seconds – -ear spelling pattern, homophones, comparing fractions, main idea, number lines

Compare fractions by trying a new recipe! Here’s a few:

Thirds – SC regions, character analysis, fractions, binomials

South Carolina for Kids: Maps | Activities | Facts

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