The Time of Our Lives

Whoa! The scholars have been thrilled about their Timeline of Life research. This is first chance we’ve had to use our Chromebooks. It has been an excellent time for us to discuss and practice internet safety while acquiring knowledge about species from previous eras that, just a few years ago, wasn’t attainable in such an easy fashion. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to discuss internet safety as a family.







Next week’s skills and homework suggestions:
1st – Weather, Author’s purpose, small bead frame, parts of a flower and leaf
Continue with your at-home gardening!
When you read, ask your child why the author wrote the story. Was it to entertain, persuade, inform or explain?

2nd – graphing, interpreting charts and diagrams, word problems, natural resources, abstract double digit addition and subtraction
Take a nature walk around your home. What are natural resources available in your own backyard? How could those be used to create something you need or want? Decide on a project to do as a family.

3rd – interpreting charts and diagrams, data compilation and analysis, grammar boxes, racks and tubes, angle measurements

Directions on how to make a pocket protractor:

Have a great week!

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