The Sewing Hour

The Sewing Hour

I was introduced to sewing at an early age out of necessity. My mom would sit my sister, brother, and I down on the floor with a basket of my dad’s “holey” work shirts and work socks once a week. We’d sew holes and tears, extending the life of those shirts and socks just a little bit longer!

My mom often made clothes for us, matching, of course, with “fun” patches on the knees and funky, frilly, notions. Two of my dad’s sisters (Hi, Zi’ Ilda and Zia Fausta!), are both amazing seamstresses and dressmakers.  Their specialties are wedding gowns and formal dresses.  To this day I love going into their sewing rooms to see what dresses they are currently working on!

I feel honored to be able to pass on the beginnings of this skill to future fashion designers, tailors and seamstresses, dressmakers, and to well rounded, self-sufficient adults! My skills are nothing compared to my mom’s and aunts’, but I love sharing the little I know in the hopes that these children will see the value in working with their hands and enjoy the process of sewing!

The Sewing Hour sessions offer students the opportunity to try their hand at hand sewing as well as machine sewing. I offer 3-4 week after-school sessions most months and kids are always welcome to come into my classroom to sew during their recess when I am available. It’s tricky, but I’ll try to take and post pictures of the children and their projects!

For this first post, I’ve added a few of my favorite pictures from some of our sessions.

Enjoy the following pictures of students from The Sewing Hour!


So many machines…so little time!

We usually make pincushions using small jars as the first project for new students to The Sewing Hour.

One of our projects this month is making pumpkin and jack-o-lantern pillows!

This pillow was specially made for this little guy by a sweet 1st year.

Montessori kids are the best!

Every November, each 1st year student in my class sews himself/herself a stocking to use for our annual Secret Santa activity.


She’s made several little chickies in the past 2 weeks.

Sewing a chicken bean bag. It’s not easy and takes time and patience.

Threading needles is a tough skill, but once mastered, everything else is pretty easy!

One of my favorite owl pillows. So cute!

For one sewing session the kids made tote bags out of recycled pet food bags. These bags last years and are super sturdy.


We made lined tote bags for a session, NOT an easy project!! But the bags the students made were amazing!

This was my favorite sessions…I think we’ll be doing owls again. The were so fun!


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