The Movable Alphabet

The Movable Alphabet

The Movable Alphabet is a cornerstone material of the Montessori language arts curriculum. Simple in design, it consists of a wooden box divided into compartments for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. The small wooden letters are red (consonants) and blue (vowels). Children begin working with the movable alphabet in the primary classroom and continue through the elementary years. We have several movable alphabets in our classroom that range from large print letters to smaller cursive letters. In our lower elementary classroom, the movable alphabet is used first to build words, then phrases, sentences, and stories.

There are many benefits to using the movable alphabet. First, it provides students a tangible experience with phonetics, or the distinct units of sound in our language. The child uses the movable alphabet to phonetically write the words by analyzing each sound. In addition, repeated use of the movable alphabet prepares the students to form their letters correctly on paper and correct letter reversals.

Last week we used the movable alphabet to practice labeling articles and nouns. A few students chose to use the movable alphabet to write their journal entries for the day. Enjoy the photos that capture these works!

To learn more about our language arts curriculum, please join us this Thursday, October 19, at 6:00 pm, for Literacy Night.

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