Testing and more

Hello families,

Our first week of standardized tests went very well. The students had a lot of changes to their normal classroom routines and they were able to strive and survive through them all. This week brings the SC-Ready Math test on Tuesday. Reminder, please have your child eat a good, protein-filled breakfast and get a good night’s sleep before the test. All testing happens first thing in the morning, so please have your child at school on time to help them ease into their testing session.

Around the testing of this past week, the students have been working tirelessly on their History and Science review games. Starting on Monday, we will be playing the games in class to help prepare for next week’s History and Science PASS tests. Here are some photos of the kids hard at work!

20170505_141500 20170505_141504 20170505_141514 20170505_141518 20170505_141529 20170505_141552 20170505_145314

On Friday, the 5th years had an amazing time planting spartina seeds and learning more about our local marsh down at Oyster Reef Landing. Thank you to Ms. Jo and Shannon Brothers for chaperoning the field trip! I know a great time was had by all when they returned to school wet, dirty, and smiling. Here are some pictures from the day.

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As we are nearing the end of the school year, the library will be closing May 17th for checking out books. All books currently checked out are due May 22nd so that the book inventory can begin. Please be sure to return all books by May 22nd

Let me close with a huge thank you to everyone who gave and/or helped out with Teacher Appreciation Week! We are so blessed at CMCS to have amazing families who shower us with support and generosity. I personally want to thank my class families for everything you do for Ms. Jo and I all year long. Thank you for volunteering your time, donating items when needed, driving and chaperoning field trips, and giving your support and trust to us with your children’s education. I am honored to spend my days with them, learning and growing! Again, thank you all.

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