In America, we say we’re “stuffed” to indicate we’ve eaten too much and feel full. In Australia, the phrase means “I’m tired.” We have had a whirlwind of a day celebrating Australia and we are officially “stuffed!”

We shared our Australian research and maps, we listened to Australian music, recreated aboriginal art work, made an Australian flag and personal boomerangs, enjoyed an Australian snack that we made ourselves and learned the Australian Bush Dance.

Next week for thirds:
Dictionary skills, layers of the earth, checkerboard, homonyms

Structure of the Earth!

For 2nds:
Compare/contrast, stamp game multiplication, cause/effect, body functions of fish

Amazing World of Fish

For 1sts:
labeling, landforms, digraphs, word families, hundreds board

Word Families – ab, ag, am, an Crocodile Phonics Game

Digraph sh, Phonics Game

On Monday I will be sending home our Rockin’ Readers – reading packets specifically created for your child’s unique needs. Be on the look out for an email with a letter explaining how they will be used. I will also be sending home directions for Xtra math. This is a free online program that assesses and grows with your kiddo throughout the year. It’s intended to be a daily work but shuts off after only about five minutes. It’s a quick and easy way to provide math practice without it becoming overwhelming or tedious. If you have any questions regarding either, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We will begin having conferences in the coming weeks. I will send a sign up genius link via email with time slots. If the times available don’t work for you, please email me with times that are convenient and I’ll do my best to accommodate. Have a great weekend!

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