Stone Soup

On Tuesday, the students shared their research of the “Timeline of Life” with our classmates. Each group worked together to present a diorama, puppet show, or poster that represented the era or period of study.

Ordovician Emma Carboniferous Cambrian

Allie surprised our classmates with a new pet last week! Introducing, “Cookie,” a yellow bellied slider turtle. Inspired to learn more about turtles, the students jumped right into learning about the external parts of a turtle and the body functions of reptiles.

IMG_7690 IMG_7727 IMG_7725

On Thursday, we read the classic tale of “Stone Soup.” In this story, three hungry and tired soldiers pass through a town seeking food and shelter. At first, the villagers are fearful and selfish hiding their food and making excuses not to extend hospitality toward the soldiers. The soldiers devise a clever plan to get fed. In the end, the villagers worked cooperatively and happily with the soldiers to make “stone soup” and a good time was had by all. Our classmates quickly made the connection between the story and our weekly community snack. There is something special about preparing a meal together. This week we made our own “stone soup.” Enjoy the photos!

IMG_7698 IMG_7701 IMG_7704 IMG_7706 IMG_7712 IMG_7716 IMG_7720 IMG_7721 IMG_7734 IMG_7736

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