Spartina Time!

We have had another very successful spartina season! On Friday, the 5th years loaded up the backs of TWO pickup trucks with all of the spartina grass they have been raising in the greenhouses and headed out to Huntington Beach State Park. First, they enjoyed a nature program on the boardwalk at Huntington Beach with Ranger Mike. The students had a chance to walk down onto the bluff mud and catch some fiddler crabs and examine periwinkle snails. They learned about the benefits of having oysters in the marsh – did you know they filter about 30 gallons of water per oyster per hour?! They help keep our marshes healthy and our beautiful coastline wouldn’t be the same without them. After the program and a picnic lunch, we went over to Oyster Shell Landing to plant our spartina grass. The Seeds To Shoreline coordinator estimated that our students planted somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 spartina stalks!! While at the marsh, students also had the opportunity to learn how to drag a seine net, being careful to release everything that was caught. They caught shrimp, crabs, flounder, spots, and a number of other fish. Although windy, the rain cleared out and we ended up having a beautiful day in our outdoor classroom. Thanks to all of the parents from each class who came along with us and agreed to transport wet, muddy children in your cars! We had a fabulous day!

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