Our Auction Item & The South Carolina Aquarium

For the past few weeks our class has been working hard on our auction item for the Eat Play Love Gala. They created an amazing piece of art. Our class has created a project to represent our Montessori classroom. The idea behind our project was that we are all people, but we are all individuals and have different gifts to offer. The students each painted two hearts to represent that they are individuals. We then brainstormed together and they came up with words to represent our Montessori classroom together and as individuals. These hearts are each beautiful on their own and each have something to say, like our students. But when they work together they create something beautiful. A true work of art- just like our classroom. Here are some pictures of the students working on our project and the final piece.


This past Friday the Upper El students all went on a field trip to the South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston. The aquarium is set up to represent the ecosystems of South Carolina. The students were broken up in to groups of four and then investigated the Mountain Forest, the Piedmont Region, the Coastal Plain and Saltmarsh Aviary, the Coast, and the Ocean. Starting this week the students will be working with their groups on a research project about one of the habitats of South Carolina. Each project will be presented on a different technology tool such as making a website or a digital storybook. We are so excited to have the students learning and exploring new technology and using all of our new Chrome books in a new and different capacity. Below are some of the pictures from the aquarium. I will load the photos that the students took this week.





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