Showing Gratitude…now and always!

This short week was filled with ways we showed how much we care about one another in this incredible CMCS community.  We worked in our mentor groups (one 8th grader/two or three 7th graders) to plan a veggie dish for our grand feast on Tues. 11/21.  All students decided and planned the best way to execute the preparation of each dish. Middle School students also helped with set up/clean up of our outside dining location, as well as with serving some of the homemade dishes.  We enjoyed a leisurely luncheon with all grades and staff members (and minimal raindrops!). In addition, we made gratitude cards for people in our lives who deserve a note of thanks.

To end our week, we successfully surprised Mr. Chad and his wife with a baby book shower, since Baby Rentz is less than one month from making his appearance! Students brought in gently-used or new books that they read as youngsters and added special notes inside each cover. One of the most amazing gifts, though, was the handmade baby quilt project–the brainstorm of Ms. Antoinette, and we thank her for leading our students in a start-to-finish creative, meaningful project that we all worked so hard to make happen in less than two school weeks!  What an incredible way to show our gratitude and wish only the best for new Baby Rentz and his family. We truly work and learn in such an amazing educational environment unlike no other…this sense of community and kindness are the critical components for which all of us connected to CMCS should be thankful; enjoy your holiday!



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