We’re having “sew” much fun!

Lose a button? Need those new pants hemmed? We’ve got you covered. The students are learning how to sew and practicing their stitches by making stuffed animals. Sewing requires a lot of concentration and builds hand-eye coordination. It can also be a relaxing way to take a break in between work choices.

IMG_7419 (1) IMG_7418 (1) IMG_7411 (1) IMG_7410 (1)IMG_7432 (1)

Last week the students finished up their marine animal reports. Rather than making a poster to communicate their findings, the students wrote and illustrated informational books about their chosen animal. We practiced reading aloud the books in our classroom. We hope to read our books to students in other classrooms, too.

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Ms. Sarah presented the “Timeline of Life” lesson to the class with the help of the third year students. Our next research focus will be exploring the history of life on earth through the eras.IMG_7369 (1) IMG_7361 (1)

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