Settling In…

The scholars have been working hard on their daily work and cultural studies. If you visit our classroom in the afternoon, you would see a third-year student helping a first-year with his/her Australia map, scholars reading together, future biologist studying the body functions of fish, and young green-thumbs tending to our garden.

Enjoy the photos below!


Living, Non-living lists with the movable alphabet

Working with the Australia Biome Readers

Putting together a clock! A quarter hour, half hour, and whole hour are shown with the fraction pieces.

Multiplication with Stamp Game

There’s nothing quite like discovering a good book and finding a sunny spot in which to enjoy it.

The scholars really enjoyed their first trip to the library.

Multiplication facts with the decanomial box!

Wow! Look at that root system! Our scholars worked hard in the garden this week. It was harder than we thought pulling out those sunflowers!

Harvesting the sunflower seeds; what should we do with all of these? Can we eat them… Share them with other classes?

Working with the Australia Biome Readers…

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