REMINDER for this week!

-This Friday 12/15 will be our Middle School’s “Celebrate Break and Holiday FUN DAY.” This day’s events were solely planned by the students and involve dancing, singing, and silliness. Please know that your child MAY have signed up to participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange (this activity was NOT obligatory!) and our White Elephant Book Swap (we would like 100% participation in this one) where students bring in a wrapped, slightly used, age-appropriate book to swap with others. PLEASE do not feel like you must purchase any new items!  All items should be wrapped prior to entering school for added surprise/fun!   Please have your child come prepared this Friday for these two fun events so that no one is slighted 🙂

-Slushy sales are booming! IF your child did not purchase a CMCS reusable cup, please make sure s/he does this Friday. Only a limited amount of cups have been ordered. $8.00 purchase includes cup and straw and one free slushy; after that,  it’s a mere $1.50 for future slushies.

-After talking to Nurse Kelly this week, we may also elect to adopt a family who could use some cheer during the season. An email will provide more detail.

-Also, please read this awesome craft/hobby opportunity by Ms. Antoinette:

The Sewing Hour-January Session 2018 (1)

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