Ready to Boogie!

We are ecstatic that our Donor’s Choose project to acquire Boogie Board eWriters was funded in less than an hour! Thank you for all your support!

We’ve had a great week experimenting with volcanos, observing a very creative presentation on tsunamis, creating timelines with art masterpieces and learning the parts of a strawberry plant.

One of the challenges of Montessori is that it doesn’t “package” well. We rarely do worksheets or utilize bulky workbooks, so little makes in home in the manner of “schoolwork.” Our learning is, and our assessments are, real, authentic, void of biases or negative environmental factors, and almost entirely performance-based with the use of natural, beautiful, and purposeful materials. The challenge and the beauty of this method is the individual time each student receives during the day. Lessons are small group and each assignment is checked individually as it is completed to ensure immediate feedback. In our room, students record “Have tos” (non-negotiable works) in their agendas. These works reflect the most recent lessons they have been given. Students are given at least two days to practice the concepts and are given additional individual lessons or challenging extensions as needed. Each work is checked by the assistant or me throughout the day. If you have any questions regarding this process, I’m happy to help.

Next week:
Firsts: Geometry cabinet, digraphs sh and ch, sequencing, place value
Practice sequencing by following a recipe together! Here’s a great one!

Place Value Task Cards for Primary Classrooms

Seconds: vowel blend ie, r controlled vowels, small bead frame, time to the hour/ half hour, fact/opinion

Thirds: contractions, checkerboard dynamic, main idea, word problems, effects of illustrations on mood character and setting

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